Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finding Textual Evidence

Today we read from Of Mice and Men to page forty-six. Along the way, we had a lot of discussion about the relationship between George and Lennie. After we read, we turned back to the text to collect evidence to support our personal opinions and experiences related to the following questions:

Cultural Context
: How does the relationship between Lennie and George differ from the typical migrant worker experience? (Look to pages 39 and 41 for textual evidence.)

Text To Self Connection: Have you had a relationship with a pet like Candy has with his dog? Or, have you had a desire for a pet like Lennie's for a puppy? (Look to pages 44-45 and 43 for textual evidence.) After explaining what your selected quotation says about the character/ animal relationship, connect the character's experience to your life.

We will continue to compile quotations in our quote bank as we read. Ultimately, you'll be able to select your best quotations and explanations when we complete the Double Entry Journal common assessment in a couple weeks. Good work!

**I've included a picture of my dog, Shady, in this post to show you my Text to Self Connection. I love you, Shady Pie!

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