Friday, March 12, 2010

Macbeth Review and Exam

To help us review for our Macbeth exam, our classroom volunteer Mr. McNeill prepared an awesome hands-on activity. Most of the questions that Mr. McNeill used in this review activity could also be found on the test. So, if you payed attention and followed along, you definitely had an opportunity to refresh your memory and understanding of the major plot points of Macbeth. I watched this review in action and had to say that it was a hugely fun and interesting. Here are some pics:

The basic structure of this review was a bit like Around the World, except you were all broken up into two groups and needed to answer a question correctly and make your shot before your team moved to the next spot. There were six spots--each time you answered correctly, you had to shoot from further away. Congrats Team Two for the big win! It was a close game.

After this review, you had the option of taking your test hard copy or on your laptop. (Same test, but some prefer to hand-write answers and others like to type and save trees.) Questions were broken down into three categories:

Factual Questions (definite right answers)
Inductive Questions (combine knowledge of facts & ability to make connections within the text)
Analytical Questions (your informed opinions connected to enduring themes within and outside of the text)

There were ten factual questions included in the test. Of the five inductive questions, you chose three to answer. There were three analytical questions and you needed to answer two. There is also a bonus section where you all get to show-off your general Shakespeare knowledge. Make sure to save and email me your exam if you chose the electronic version of this exam.

Thanks, Mr. McNeill, for our awesome review session!

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