Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Memoir: Starting With A Photograph

What's that old adage--A picture's worth a thousand words? Well, we're going to put together a fictional account based on a few photographs of a real person. We're going to learn more about the memoir genre, but for right now we're going to think creatively to see what types of stories we can create about a life based on three photos.

Today's creative writing activity is located here. For each photo, you need to tell a bit of a story. You can't type more than 160 characters, so your story won't be a long one. Try to get to the essence of who this person seems to be and what he seems to be thinking about based on his image in each of the pictures presented to you. You should each have three stickies posted by the end of this lesson. (Just use your initials when posting.)

Here is a screenshot of your comments about this later-in-life picture of Elie Wiesel:

Here is a screenshot of the group story we constructed based on the three photos provided:
After completing this activity, we took notes on the actual life story of Elie Wiesel. Though none of you guessed at the horrors he experienced during WWII (how could you?), I think that your comments about him being a precocious child and about having "sad" eyes are interesting. Also, many of you commented or noticed that he seems like an accomplished person. That he is! We'll start reading Night at the beginning of next class.

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