Monday, March 22, 2010

Poetic Pictures

Even more than books and plays, photographs can tell stories. The beauty of a photograph is that the viewer brings his or her own life story to the one depicted in the photograph. Today, you're going to tell a story of what you think is happening in a photograph taken during the Great Depression. Later, you'll turn your short writing into a poem about a fictional character you develop. You fictional character will be based on your knowledge and understanding of the Great Depression.

Please visit this site and choose a photograph from which to free write. You need to link back to this site on you blog. Answer the following questions about one person from your picture:

Who: Gender? Name? Age?
When: What time of year? What part of their life?
Where: Location? (Think exact location and abstract, like homeless in California but living in a dream-filled world where food and money are plentiful.)
What: What is he/ she doing? What is he/ she thinking?
How: How did he/ she get in this situation? How is he/ she going to make it out?
Why: Why does he/ she keep going? What is their purpose in life?

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