Friday, March 26, 2010

Poetry Friday: Poetic Translations

This Poetry Friday, we're going to do some work with the poem "To a Mouse" by Robert Burns. Why? Because the title of the novel we're reading, Of Mice and Men, is taken from this poem. And, the more we read this story and learn about George and Lennie and life during the Great Depression, the more connections we'll find between these two works.

The poet who wrote this poem, Robert Burns, was a Scottish poet writing in the late 17o0's. Therefore, "To a Mouse" is a little tough to understand in a modern setting. Some of the words Burns uses may be unfamiliar to us, but there are translations of his poem online. The trouble with the translations (for me) is that they still leave the meaning and message of the poem a but hidden. Today, you all worked together to further translate Burns' classic poem.

We split up into groups, used dictionaries and thesaurusi, and worked together to rewrite the stanzas in this poem. Each group had two stanzas to translate and after you finished, a representative from each group read your translation aloud. We did not quite finish this part of the lesson, so we'll pick this up next class. Here are some pictures of you working in groups:

And here is what you all came up with for a final product:

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