Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Today we read chapter 11 of the Hunger Games, where Katniss finally enters the arena, and the fighting begins. She finds herself in a forest setting, which gives her an advantage, with all the time she spent in the woods in District 12, hunting and gathering. We took a break between chapters to consider some questions that arose as we were reading. We got into pairs. Each pair was given a category to ask a question about. The categories were:

Death Recap
Alliances in the games

Within each group, each person came up with a question to address their category individually. Then, the pairs would collaborate and somehow combine their questions and write it on a sheet of paper. These sheets of paper were then passed to the left, until every pair answered every other pairs' questions, by writing their responses underneath the question. Once each pair got their original question sheet back, we read the responses aloud. Some of the questions that were brought up were:

Should Katniss have taken more at the Cornucopia?

What are some of Katniss' strengths and weaknesses in regards to her strategy?

- Ms. Audy

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Lisa Mandina said...

I like this idea. I'm also reading Hunger Games with one of my classes. So far we've just read, not done any questions, but I like this idea.