Monday, April 19, 2010

Quote of the Week

This weekend, I immersed myself in reading and writing. I needed to write (and am still writing) a paper for a graduate course I'm taking, but I've mostly been reading for the past three days. Why? Well, I've been so busy lately and have received so many free books from grants and contests that I was beginning to feel a little behind. I don't put any books on our free reading shelves without having read them first, and I really wanted to get all of these books out and available for classroom use. So, it's now Monday morning. I've written almost ten pages of my paper and have read seven books.

The problem for me is that when I get in these reading crazes, I start to go a little insane. All of my dreams have turned into book-related nightmares or continuations of stories I'm reading. Which is fine, except that I've been reading about death and zombies and murder and chaos and distruction. Not exactly the stuff of pleasant dreams.

I plan to read a few more books this week, but I feel like I need to rejoin the world a little starting today. I'm going to spend some time with my family and with friends. I might even leave the house. Hopefully, the zombies and werewolves and murderers won't find me!

Here is a quote for this wonderful vacation week that completely expresses how I've been feeling as of late:

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