Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peeta and Katniss=Romeo and Juliet?

Today was a half day, so we did not get to read for as long as we all would have liked. Have no fear, we will resume our reading of the Hunger Games on Friday!

In the chapter we did read, Katniss went and found Peeta, who had camouflaged himself in mud and grass so thoroughly that Katniss could not even see him. As it turns out, Peeta is horribly injured and close to death. This realization prompts Katniss to play her role as Juliet to Peeta's Romeo in order to secure gifts from the sponsors. Once Peeta and Katniss start playing up their romance, sponsors respond with food.

We will commence with our reading and discussion of the Hunger Games, and enjoy Poetry Friday next class.

**I grabbed this photo from a blog called The District 13 Post. Pretty cool cake, eh?

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