Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Senior Year Survey and End-of-Year Plans

To end our year and send you off to the next stage of your life (eek!), I'd like you all to complete a little survey so that I know what you feel has worked and what areas need improvement so that I can change/ adapt/ keep aspects of my planning and teaching for next year's seniors.

I will miss you all terribly and am still coming to terms with the fact that I am no longer going to be your teacher. My hope is that we are moving in the next phase of our relationship, so that this is not an ending, but a beginning of sorts. Sounds cheesy, but it'll get me through the day without crying!

I'm also collecting your artwork for your Sounds of Senior Year Soundtrack. We'll vote on the cover next class. Next week, you're going to start your Commencement Speech drafts. I'm going to be out on Tuesday (for a literacy/ technology training), but our fearless student teacher, Ms. Audy, will return as a Super Sub (that should totally by a superhero comic strip!) and help you with your drafts. This is kinda cool for me, because I want to be surprised by the content of your your drafts. I'm excited. It'll be awesome.

We're winding down now and will enjoy the next few weeks of reading, talking, and spending our last few classes together. Okay. Time to sign off before the tears begin! Click here for your survey.

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