Monday, June 14, 2010

Final: English 9

Phew. We've made it to our final class, to our final exam. Where did the time go? Well, if this year went quickly for you, think about the next three years. Those are going to fly by and soon you'll be walking across that graduation stage, grabbing your diploma and heading out into the world. Before you take off, we've got a little work to do.

First, I'd like you to take this survey so that I can better plan for you and your classmates for next year. Your honest feedback is appreciated.

Next, you're going to write a series of blog posts. Here are the criteria on which your blog posts are being graded:

Evidence of Critical Thinking: Thoughtful observations, connections between readings and the larger world and/or your life, and growth in your thoughts/ observations from the beginning of the year.

Evidence of Critical Reading: Evidence of thorough readings, comprehension of reading materials, insightful reflections, and connections between readings materials.

Evidence of Creative Thinking: Inclusion of photographs, music, videos, or other media that enhances the presentation of the post; original ideas presented in readings are extended in a creative manner.

Evidence of the Ability to Write Clearly and Effectively: Grammar, spelling, capitalization errors do not interfere with audience understanding. The structure of your blog posts allows for understanding and is easy to follow.

Evidence of Awareness of Diverse Audience: Opinions, justifications, rationalizations, and summaries are written in a way that allows a diverse audience to understand your intent. Writings are not offensive, but engage audience members in your ideas and opinions in a creative manner.

Community of Practice: Wherever necessary, credit has been given to original source for photos and ideas. This is done through embedded hyperlinks.

Required Posts

1. Write a review of a book you've read for SSR from this quarter. If you only have one from this quarter and have already written a post, write one about a book from another quarter. (LABEL=SSR, Book Review)

2. Write a reflective post about this year's English class. I want to know what you're taking away from this course and what project/ book/ process has influenced your learning. I also want to know what you'd like to study in more depth next year. (LABEL=Reflection)

Optional Posts (Choose Two)

1. Write a reflection about Poetry Friday. Has this made you more confident in writing your own poems? Have you learned more about poetry this year? If not, talk about your needs as a learner where poetry is concerned. (LABEL= Poetry Friday)

2. Write a post about a topic or interest that you have that you'd like us to discuss/ explore sometime this year. Your post could be a specific issue that you've heard about in the news, or one that is more local and relevant to our school. (LABEL=Opinion Piece)

3. We have maintained our individual blogs throughout this school year. Reflect on your ability to blog and how your abilities have grown over the course of this school year. Also, what are some ways that you feel you can improve in your blogging? What would you like improve upon in your blog next year? (LABEL=Reflection)

4. Choose a photo from this site (type in a word that sums up your experience) that shows how you feel about how this school year in this class. This post should show your ability to think creatively and to explain your thoughts to a diverse audience. **Make sure embed a hyperlink to the site where you found your image. (LABEL=Creative Thinking)

Please take your time with these posts. Make sure to check over each entry for those little errors that can mess up an otherwise perfectly good post! Let me know if you need help; otherwise, blog away!

Happy Summer--I'll miss you!

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