Thursday, June 3, 2010

Metaphor Vignette

In "Four Skinny Trees," Esperanza compares herself and her siblings to thin tree that have been planted by the city and are reliant on one another for support and survival. Rather than come right out and just talk about the connection and interdependence of Esperanza and her siblings, Cisneros uses metaphor to show the bond of these four children.

Today, you are going to write your own metaphor vignette, where you show the relationship that you have with your siblings. Just as Esperanza uses a metaphorical plant to describe this connection, so will you. Here are the steps you should take in writing this piece:

-Think about your siblings and the relationship you have with them
-Choose a plant that would help to show this connection (or lack of connection)
-Create a blog post where you write about your siblings using this metaphor
-Choose an image of your metaphorical plant
-Publish your blog post

Here are some sample student blog posts:

"The Real and the Fake"

"Twin Dandelions"

"Seven Spread Out Trees"

"5 Random Rose Bushes"

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