Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Last Class (Not Including Finals)

After four years of every-other-day meetings, I have to now prepare to say goodbye to all of you. Seniors, I will miss you terribly. I'll write more on the day of the final (next Tuesday), but please know that I am not taking this parting lightly. You will be missed.

Today, we finished watching the movie version of Into the Wild. Rather than have some silly little worksheet or something, I had you do something else that was pretty silly. (But creative!) I took our Poetry Poker cards and had you choose a card with a word on it that (to you) represented this movie, this book, and how you felt about Chris McCandless. You then snapped a photo of your card using Photo Booth and wrote a little explanation to go with it.

Here is a student sample. We ran out time a little toward the end of class, so it's not a big deal if you did not get to respond to the prompt in the depth that we originally talked about. As long as you made a good effort/ connection, you're all set for today!

Another student played with the image and wrote her response on the photo of the card itself. How very creative! Here it is:

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