Thursday, June 10, 2010

Romeo and Juliet: Acrostic Elegy and Modern Re-visionary Movie

Last class, I was not here due to a graduate class I'm currently taking. Because I wasn't here, you did not quite finish the acrostic elegies over Romeo and Juliet.  Today, I showed you all how to superimpose your poem over a gravestone to create a more powerful image. Here are some of your creations:

Tombstone Poem

Have Another True Emotion

After completing these poems, we watched a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, which is based on another R & J spin-off, West Side Story. We talked a bit about the history of the conflict between Israel and Palestine and how this conflict relates to Romeo and Juliet. The movie that we watched is called West Bank Story. It won an Oscar and several other prestigious awards.

Our final exam is scheduled for Monday, June 14th at 10am.

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