Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Night: Chapter One

Today we started Elie Wiesel's Night. I chose this book to kick off our year because I think that it will help us to start our Personal Creed Projects and our study of other cultures. We started class (as we will all classes where we read this book) with a fact about the Holocaust. Te fact for today is:

The term "Holocaust," originally from the Greek word "holokauston" which means "sacrifice by fire," refers to the Nazi's persecution and planned slaughter of the Jewish people. The Hebrew word "Shoah," which means "devastation, ruin, or waste," is also used for this genocide.

After writing down this fact on your bookmarks, we read a few pages of Night. We did not read very far, but had some awesome conversations around spirituality and our life's purpose. After we read, you all wrote down a belief that you have (concerning spirituality and/ or destiny). We are going to collect our beliefs throughout this year and use them to form the Personal Creed Projects this year.

**Please remember to bring in a book for SSR (our check one out at the back of the room) for next class. Several of you have already selected your titles and shown them to me. Great choices!

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