Saturday, October 2, 2010

Book of the Week

This week, I'm doing something different. I have chosen a book that I haven't actually read yet. Why? Because it's a new book that I know I am going to love, a book that I think many of you are going to love. It's called Annexed and it's written by Sharon Dogar.

Annexed is the story of Anne Frank from the viewpoint of the boy who shared her attic hiding space with her for two years. His name is Peter and there is no journal or diary surviving to tell his tale. This is a fictional tale, but based in truth. The author has imagined the thoughts and fears and anger of this teen boy, who did not survive the Holocaust.

Here is a video that includes footage from WWII, some descriptions of the book from the author, and some narration from the book itself. I will be getting a couple copies of this book for classroom use soon. Let me know if you'd like your name to be placed on the waiting list for this title.

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