Friday, October 29, 2010

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Creating the Pic List

We started our year with a vivid and horrifying account of the Jewish Holocaust. Through the eyes of one survivor, we saw and experienced some of the worst violations of human rights. Ever.

This year, we're going to study something called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document was created in 1948, which is just after the end of WWII. This document serves as a guideline for how all countries should treat their citizens. Most of these rights are obvious to us as Americans, but it is important to recognize that all are violated daily, if not hourly. Not everyone has the right to speak, marry, or live as they see fit. Not everyone has a voice. But, this document seeks to give those (and more) freedoms to all. A Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Today, you are going to take two of the thirty articles in this document and create a compelling vision of what it represents. You will do this by:

-Finding the two articles assigned to you at this home site
-Choosing one word from your first article that seems powerful or important
-Typing that one word into this site
-Choosing an image that you feel represents the intent of your article
-Dragging the image into Pages and inserting BOTH the article EXACTLY AS IT'S WRITTEN and the number of the article
-Taking a screenshot and sending it to me
-Uploading your final product onto your blog page

And then, repeat for your second article.

After these are finished, we're going to print them in color and hang them in our classroom. We're also going to hang some around the school. December 10th is Human Rights Day. We're going to be celebrating this event school-wide during the week of December 10th, so these posters will help to prepare the psyches of our school population to understand more about this document. 

Here is a sample of what I'm looking for you to create:


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