Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Elections World Wide

Today is the day that voting occurs across our country. In our state, we are deciding which candidate we will elect as our next governor. We vote every year at this time, and the issues and candidates change based on a sort of cyclical pattern. Some of our citizens choose to take part in this process, but others elect not to. Either way, this is a choice that we make as people living in a democracy.

In other countries, these rights are not given fully and equally to citizens. In some countries, the people have gone more than two decades without ever casting a single vote. In other countries, people are intimidated into not voting. Today, we're going to read about one such country. It's called Myanmar, and there are serious human rights abuses happening in this country.

Here's what we're going to do today:

Choose five words from today's reading that stand out to you as important/ powerful/ necessary to describe this article.

On your blog, write your summary of this article using your five words.

Then, write about your feelings on the right to vote. Do you plan to vote once you're 18? Do you think that you would value this right more if it were taken away? Do you feel as though it's important to engage in civic responsibilities as an American?

Once you're done posting, add in a picture if you have time. Please email me a link to your post.

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