Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introduction to The Hunger Games

Hello, Juniors!

On Thursday we started a new unit, and we kicked it off by completing an anticipation guide for The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. We split the classroom down the middle (see pictures) and got into two groups: one for those who agreed and one for those who disagreed with the worksheet's statements. 

Your individual arguments led to some really intense debate! We covered a lot of tough issues involving the importance of human life, family responsibilities, and social obligations. Thank you all for being so focused and honest with your answers, and for contributing to the discussion.  

It was a pleasure to hear all of your beliefs and ideas, and I was impressed to see how well you stated your positions and listened to the arguments of other students. Well done!

Here is an example of the anticipation guide we used, completed by our very own Mrs. DeRaps: 

Now that we've become familiar with the moral and social issues that are going to come up in The Hunger Games, my hope is that we'll be prepared for even more discussions like these. On Monday, we'll get acquainted with our new book and dive in! See you then!

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