Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Senior English: Midterm Exam

We've been reading Markus Zusak's The Book Thief for some time now, but have not talked a whole lot about the man behind the book. Usually, I make a point of talking to you about the authors of the books we read, but in this case, I thought I'd leave that particular task up to you. So, your job today is to write a blog post that answers the following questions about Mr. Markus Zusak:

1. Who is he? Give biographical/ background information (where he's from, how old, education, family, any other relevant/ interesting info).

2. What books has he written?

3. What awards has he won for his work?

4. Where did he get the idea for The Book Thief?

5. If you could ask one question of Mr. Zusak, what would it be?

6. Of his books besides The Book Thief, which do you think would be your favorite? Why?

Make sure to italicize book titles and to give links to the sites where you found your information!

Also, include at least one picture of Mr. Zusak and one picture of one of his books in your post.

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Hiba Tahir said...

Passing out a Senior English Exams is really not an easy job.

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