Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hunger Games Recap

So there have been some absences lately, and I wanted to make a blog post that could be a place for anyone to catch up on the work we've been doing in class for the past week or so, in case you've missed anything. 
  • As of 2/16 we've read up to page 61(Chapter 5) in The Hunger Games
  • There is a list of attributes of dystopian literature that we are steadily working through, finding quotes that give examples of the elements as we read. The first attribute is: a Totalitarian Government. We have found at least 1 quote on this attribute so far.  
  • We have found 2 quotes in the text that show evidence of Mass Poverty
  • We have completed a survey about the ways we use technology in our daily lives. Over the next three days, we discussed the use and abuse of technology in the story. We found examples of technology as they came up in the text, taking a total of 3 quotes.  
  • We made a GIST, or a guided summary, of one of two articles on the revolution in Egypt. Please follow the instructions on the GIST blog post if you are going to get it finished. During this class, we discussed some different representations of "hunger" in the story. This is not necessarily an indicator of a dystopian novel, but it is a story element that we need to bring attention to. In total, we found 2 quotes on "hunger."
  • The latest thing we've read in class was an article called "Injustice on Our Plates," which shed some light on the food industry's unethical use of illegal immigrant laborers. We highlighted connections in the article to some portrayals of food in The Hunger Games. I will give you the article the next time I see you, since I don't have a digital copy to link here. 
  • Lastly, we filled out a chart to see how many quotes we've found so far. Judging by this summary, everyone should have at least 8 total quotes:

    Totalitarian: (at least) 1
    Poverty: 2
    Abuse of Technology: 3
    Hunger: 2

    If you are missing quotes you need to find them. You can keep the charts in your folders to help you keep track of the quotes you have. I would like us to have 3 quotes for every word by the time we're all finished. 
On Friday we're going to introduce a new dystopian attribute: The Absence of Individual Freedom. It's also Poetry Friday so we'll do some work with a poem that deals with this issue! 

see you there, 
-Mr. Thomas

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