Monday, March 21, 2011

Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt Quiz

Hi, class!

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Below you will find all of the categories for the Shakespeare research webquest that we've been assembling for the last few class periods. They are listed in the same order as on the last blog post, only now, each topic is hyperlinked to one of your classmate's blogs! You're going to have to search through the facts that they have in their posts in order to answer the questions they've come up with.

All of the questions are in quiz form, conveniently in one word document which 
Mrs. DeRaps has sent to you via Email. Look through the list of questions and start searching these blogs for the answers.

All you need to do is copy and paste those answers into the word document.

Yes, this quiz will be graded, so you will need to work
individually and quietly until you are all finished. Happy hunting!

Shakespeare's Biography

Shakespeare's Biography (2)

Queen Elizabeth I and the Elizabethan Period

Renaissance Italy

The Plague

Elizabethan Sports

The Globe Theater

The Globe Theater (2)

Elizabethan Women/Hairstyles

Fashion/Color of Clothing


Torture and Punishment



When you're all done, print your completed word doc or email it to me and check in with me.
-Mr. Thomas

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