Friday, February 29, 2008

At Last, We Begin!

In English class today, we first took notes over John Steinbeck and the Great Depression. Then we went ahead and started listening to our next novel, Of Mice and Men. After we read the first chapter and has a couple of short discussions, we completed a quiz over the first chapter.

We're listening to our this book on CD rather than reading it aloud ourselves. Why? Well, there are two main reasons behind this decision. They are:

1. Gary Sinise, who plays George in the film version of this moive, is an amazing actor and does a great job with all of the voices from the book. It' s one of the best books on tape I've ever heard!

2. There is only one woman in the book. So, if I were to read aloud and the other fine ladies in the room were to chime in the book might lose something. There's a reason that Steinbeck only included one woman- a woman simply known as Curly's Wife. I don't want to pollute Steinbeck's vision!

Hope you all enjoy listening to this book as much as I do!

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