Thursday, March 13, 2008

Holocaust Poem Pics

Wow. We got a lot of reading done today!

We read to page 41 in Night. More importantly, though, we had some great discussions around the book. Several of you, including Megan, Tommy, Elijah, and Brittany seem to be really connecting with this book and are saying great things in class.

We also continued to share our Holocaust Picture Poems. Brittany read her two poems about Zyclon-B aloud, while I had the pleasure of reading Darrick's and Bethany's. Bethany's is particularly interesting given her use of structure. She has created a poem that can be read three ways. You can read it here:

The Case

I am the case of
The forgotten
Those who are long past
Whose pain
Whose feelings
Survived long
Traveled through time
After death
When they could escape
The hate
From the Nazi's
They felt
Into peace from suffering
Every day
They kept trying
They died
To make it through
They suffered
Being forced to work
Until collapsing

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