Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Multigenre Project Begins

We're done with Of Mice and Men! Yay! And, our discussion over the book and movie was awesome!

Next, we're moving on to one of my absolute favorite units to teach-- The multigenre project. A genre is a type or variety of music, writing, art, theater. For instance, music can include many genres like rap, rock, raggae, and even polka.

For our purposes, you're going to create a writing project that focuses around a central theme. Your theme could be anything that interests you, like hunting, a sport, a deceased family member, a pet, your child, an imagined road trip, bands that you like--really, the possibilities are endless. I'll need to approve your topic before you get started, just so that I know it is both doable and school appropriate.

I have some examples of projects from previous years that you can use to visualize possibilities for your topic and presentation style.

This is an exciting project because there are so many possibilities. You just have to not think too hard about all of your choices--Make one quickly and get started!

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