Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Concrete Poem: Swirling Thoughts

Ever have all kinds of crazy thoughts mixing around in your head? Today you'll get to show what it looks to have a non-stop brain with the Swirling Thoughts poem exercise.

What you'll do:

After I show you some examples from previous years, you'll get to create a list of thoughts that are floating around in your head. Then, you'll make sure that at last half of the thoughts relate back to your theme. When you've had your poem proofread, you can then draw your head and body. Then, either by writing or typing, have your poetic lines swirl, float, or scream out of the head you've drawn.

Remember, concrete poems are supposed to enhance the meaning or message of your poem by taking a meaningful shape. So, please make sure that your thoughts are arranged in a meaningful way.

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