Monday, March 31, 2008

Let the Poetry Begin!

Poems make up a huge chunk of the multigenre project you're all working to complete. Therefore, it makes sense that we're going to infuse poetry writing into most of our classes for the next three or four weeks. So, every day, you'll be instructed on a particular form of poetry and be asked to write a poem that fits your theme. At the end of the project, you'll select which poems are good enough to be included in your final multigenre project presentation.

Today, we wrote two poems. These are probably the easiest forms that I have to offer you. It's good to start with less complicated poems and work toward harder ones. The first poem we wrote today is a synonym poem. The second was a five senses poem. Then, we started a third poem called an "I Give You" poem where you use similies and metaphors to show how you feel about your theme.

We will all be working at our own pace when we write poems. Some of you will understand this easily and will be able to produce two or three poems per class. Others of you will work more slowly and create poems that have more time invested into them. Both methods are okay as long as you end up with enough material for your final product.

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