Monday, September 22, 2008

Ghetto Life 101

As an introduction to our first novel, we discussed ghettos this morning. Why? Well, because the next book, Monster, definitely delves into issues of race and class in America and we need to have some common understandings of what how our popular perception of ghettos, gangs, and young African American males plays into the decisions we make about whether or not someone is guilty or a crime.

To do this, we first discussed the images and ideas we connect with the word "ghetto". You all added to this discussion. After we discussed the word "ghetto," we then turned to looking at our own neighborhoods (or hoods) to see the differences between our everyday life and that of people who live in ghettoes.

The images contained in this post are what you all came up with.

After we had this discussion, we listened to a powerful recording called "Ghetto Life 101". This series was recorded in 1993 by two boys living in Chicago's Ida B. Wells projects. The boys tape interviews and accounts of their daily lives. We follow them through their school, home, and street experiences.

It was interesting to me that we heard references to all of the images and ideas that you all came up with in our discussion of the word "ghetto". Good job.

Next class we will use the listening guide to talk about what we heard. We will also listen to another recording from the "Ghetto Life 101" boys.

If you were absent, you need to see me to arrange to listen to the "Ghetto LIfe 101" sound portrait.

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