Monday, September 22, 2008

Texting Disaster and Notes about Opinion Pieces

To start the class, we talked about things that you are doing well in your opinion pieces and areas where you still need work.

Here's what we decided:

You're getting good at:

creating structure
using transitions
supporting your points
using great vocabulary
coming up with interesting ideas

You need more work in these areas:

use specfics (names, places)
fragments and run-ons
getting off-topic

After we created this list, we had a discussion about Opinion Piece #3. This one is about whether or not there should be laws against texting while driving. We talked about the recent case of a train operator who was texting and who crashed as a result, killing twenty-five people including himself.

You all had a lot to say about this issue, especially since some of you have experience texting while driving. Others of you were completely against distracted driving. I'm not sure that's it's safe to drive anymore after hearing how many of you multi-task while driving. Careful, please!

We also managed to read all of chapter four and part of chapter five in Animal Farm. In chapter four, we saw Mr. Jones attempt a revolt with the help of his neighbors. Unfortunately, a sheep lost her life in the process.

If you were absent, you need to make-up Opinion Piece #3 and read all of chapter four and the first few pages of chapter five.

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