Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Remorse: The Fourteen Stories of Eric Morse and Found Poems

Last class we met the boys of "Ghetto Life 101". This class, we're going to visit them few years later. Producers of the Ghetto Life sound portrait revisited the boys after hearing about the widely-publicized case of Eric Morse, a five year-old boy who was dropped from a window fourteen stories high by two young boys. The boys reportedly killed Morse because he refused to help them steal candy from a local store. This story shocked the nation.

After we hear this gripping story, we're going to write found poems. Found poems are exactly what they sound like. You make a found poem by taking words from prose writing and playing with the structure, spacing, and order of the words to create a poem. We looked at some powerful poems written by former students. After we're finished writing rough drafts of the poems, we're going to use drawings and magazine collages to decorate them.

If you were absent, you will need to listen to the "Remorse" recording and create a found poem.

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