Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Root Words, Prefixes and Quotations

Instead of reading from Day of Tears, we worked to find solid Cultural Context quotations from our books (page 98-121). You all found quotations that you could write about for the common assessment. We shared the quotations by reading them aloud and talking about how they fit the criteria for Cultural Context quotations.

Our first set of vocabulary words are not really words at all. They are the building blocks for words. We are going to learn about root words and prefixes. Are first ones are:


Ben, Bene
Mot, Mob, Mov



Using dictionaries (online and hard copy), we looked to find words that incorporate the roots or prefixes from our list. You all chose your own words to use and copied down the definitions of the words. Then, you had the opportunity to create vocabulary flash cards using the root or prefix I gave you and a picture or symbol to represent the root or prefix. These cards can be used on the quiz and the test to help you along.

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