Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Opinion Piece 7: Gay Marriage

Before we completed OP #7, we took a close look at a student sample of OP #6.  The purpose of this exercise was twofold. One, I wanted you all to go through the process I use when I grade your opinion pieces. Two, I wanted you all to have an opportunity as a group to see an example of a "4" OP.  You all did an extraordinary job of correcting and applauding this piece of writing. Thanks to the brave student who allowed us to look critically at her work; others of you have already volunteered to have your OP's looked at in future peer editing sessions. 

After this activity, we discussed and wrote about the issue of gay marriage. We talked about this issue for two reasons. First, it is one you brainstormed that you'd like to cover. Another reason why we're talking about it in class is that there are a group of activists in our state who are raising this issue.  Therefore, if this issue gains momentum, you may be able to vote on it in the near future. 

I pleased at the level of mature discussion we maintained about this issue. We need to learn to communicate in effective, positive ways. I know that this can be a challenge when the issues we're talking about are so personal and so heated. I thank you for your maturity and expect you to continue contributing to class discussion in appropriate ways. 

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