Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vocabulary Review: Gone Fishin'

As part of our review for our vocabulary test #2, we created materials for and actually played Go Fish today in class. Included in this Blog entry are photos of some of you playing this review game in class. This is what you all had to do to create your materials:

1. Create one sets of cards with your root or prefix vocabulary word written on one side (leave the other side blank so that it is like a playing card).

2. Create a second set of cards with the definition of the vocabulary word on one side (again, leave the back of the cards blank).

3. Shuffle both sets together. You should have a total of twenty cards.

4. Combine with other groups members (three to four players total) and play Go Fish!

After we played this game for about twenty-five to thirty minutes, we took the test. This way your review did not have time to leave your head. I am sure that most of you did a superb job on this test as a result of your Go Fish review.  You were allowed to use both your Go Fish cards and your Bingo boards from last week as you completed your exam. 

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