Monday, November 24, 2008

Shakespeare KWL Continued

Despite the fact that several people were absent today, we still managed to get our KWL bulletin board off to a great start. Most of you finished your "W" (What you want to know) and "L" (what you learned) cards.  There are only five or six of you who have yet to finish this project. I have to commend you all, and Angelo in particular, for making this the neatest, most organized KWL bulletin board I've ever seen.  Thanks to Ms. Serrantino as well for making this all come together in such a short time. 

While some of you were online researching, others of you were either enjoying  a little SSR or completing those pesky Monster Journal Projects. I am still waiting for a few of you to pass these in, but the majority of you are all set. Please have them to me by the end of the day tomorrow so that I can correct them over Thanksgiving break. 

If you were absent, please see me about completing the KWL project and please, please, please pass in your Monster Journals for grading. 

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