Monday, November 10, 2008

Vocabulary Quiz #2 and Witness Continued

Before you all took the second roots quiz, I allowed you to have a little time to review your words and your definitions. I also allowed you all to use your bingo boards during the quiz. After you all took the quiz, Ms. Serrantino graded them. The lowest score was an 85%, which is what we're shooting for. Good job everyone!

After we took the quiz, we continued reading from Witness. It has been a while since we last read, but you all were able to get right back into character and many of you helped to summarize what was happening in the book up to page 79. We read all the way to page 110.  Maybe we'll be able to finish the book next class. 

We also talked a little about the formal assessment you'll have over Witness. We briefly discussed the difference between a static and dynamic character (or "flat" and "round"). We'll talk more about this as we approach your formal assessment. 

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