Friday, December 19, 2008

Brainstorm and Shakespeare Hangman

Though we did not accomplish much in today's class, we did have a pretty productive brainstorm session where you came up with the following settings for your version of Macbeth. They are:

a frozen lake
the rain forest
a vending machine (my personal vote)
a park
a hotel room
a pool
a volcano
a taxicab
a hockey rink, football stadium
the ocean
a school
a car
an ant farm
the ghetto
a computer
a dishwasher, a microwave
an under 21 club
in the human body (another cool one)
a school bus
a Christmas Tree
the North Pole
South Park
a closet (I like this one too)

So, after break we will choose one of these themes for the setting of our children's book version of Macbeth. For the rest of today's class we played Shakespearean hangman. For this game, you could choose either Shakespeare facts, Macbeth, or Romeo and Juliet. I couldn't believe how much you remembered from Romeo and Juliet! I gave a lot of chocolate to the winners of each puzzle; most of you solved at least one! Good work!

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