Monday, December 1, 2008

College Applications & The (Almost) End of Act III

We started class today with a reminder that I am collecting your sample college applications this week. Several of you have already passed them in, but there are some of you who have not. I am collecting these applications for two reasons: One is so that I can see that you all know how to go about finding an application. The second reason is that I am going to compile a list of possible essay topics from these applications that you can choose from when you write your essay. I would like to be able to give you these topics for your consideration before this weekend. That means that I need your applications before Friday's class, so please get them to me.

After this discussion, we moved to talking more about The Crucible and the 10 Critical Words activity we started last class. Some of you have already found your eight words (or more) and others of you still needed to collect a few words today. We'll use these words in activity that we'll complete on Friday, so make sure that you have your eight by then.

I was SO hopeful that we'd finish Act III today, but because of the snow and the delay and the general Monday-ness of the class, we did not. I do have to say, though, that you all did a wonderful job of acting and expressing you characters' emotions in your reading today. I was particularly pleased at the sick humor of the "girls" who kept taunting Mary Warren in court. It was both unsettling and (for some reason) really funny.

I am also happy that you are all remembering who you are responsible for while we are reading. This whole character assignment thing seems to be working in this regard.

Because Wednesday is a half day, we will be missing some of our group. We'll see who turns up for class and maybe get a head start on our college essays.

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