Monday, December 1, 2008

What We Learned: Shakespeare

After you had a chance to catch up on your SSR, we moved on to talking about the information you gathered about William Shakespeare. Though we have our (almost) completed KWL bulletin board to prove that we learned a bunch of stuff about our favorite bard, I wanted us to talk about the most impressive facts we found. Some of you mentioned:

That he invented lots of words that hadn't been used before he used them

That he wrote 37 plays

That he had three children, including twins

That his son Hamnet died young

That he married an older woman

That he never attended college

That he was an actor

That men played women's roles in plays during this time period

That Queen Elizabeth I and James I were the rulers of England during his life

That he wrote sonnets

And much more! So, since you all have a baseline knowledge about Shakespeare's life, we moved on to taking notes about King James and his life. The bell rang, though, before we could get very far. We'll continue with this activity and start reading the play next class.

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