Thursday, December 11, 2008

College Essays: Notes and Rough Draft

We started today's class with some notes over the college essay. This was necessary because college essays are different from the analytical and persuasive essays we usually write.  Also, I have some very specific expectations about format and length in respect to this assignment.

After we finished taking nots over this type of essay, we moved on to drafting our essays. I am so excited about your essays! I've included a few of the first lines of your essays here:

"I've always been a quiet child. Quiet, but full of interests."

"The first time I changed oil for a car was when I was seven."

"I haven't seen my father since I was eight years old."

"It all started when I was a toddler, under the Christmas tree with my new toy fire truck."

And these are just the hard copy samples that I have! Most of you chose to type your first draft, which is fine. I was totally impressed with your hooks. You all chose to reveal some personal interests and early memories. 

Next class we'll finish The Crucible and start the movie. I hope to finish the college essay and the play by the end of the week. High hopes, maybe. But, that's where I'm at!

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