Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chapter Two and Vocabulary Review

Though we did not finish chapter two, we certainly made headway! We read to page 32, so any of of who were absent should read to this page before next class. Even though we did not finish, we did meet some interesting new characters. We kept track of their character descriptions and our impressions of them. We met:


Son of the boss
Curly hair
Tanned face
Wants to show authority
Likes to pick on bigger guys
Newly married
Wife is flirting with other men

And we also met Curly's wife

Wide-spaced eyes
Red (rouged) lips
Hair rolled into tight sausages
Spends a lot of time on her appearance
Red mules with ostrich feathers
Plain house dress
Red finger nails

In addition to finding character descriptions, we looked carefully for foreshadowing and used clues in the novel to create another prediction. We think that:

Lennie and Curly will get into a fight.
Lennie will hurt Curly's wife like he hurt the girl in Weed. 

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