Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Four Square Vocabulary Activity

Because today is an early release day, several of you do not have to attend class because you are in your tech programs.  Therefore, we completed an activity that would not punish those of you with excused absences, but that would relate to The Crucible. For this purpose, the Four Square Vocabulary activity was perfect. 

To start with, I handed you all a list of vocabulary words commonly found on the SAT's.  I selected the words on this list because they all related to The Crucible in some way.  After you all selected your word, I gave you a blank piece of paper and a sharpie. You then drew lines to separate the paper into four areas.  In these areas, you need to have:

A square that gives the word you chose and its definition
A square that includes the synonym(s) and antonym(s) of this word
A square that includes an illustration of a scene from The Crucible related to this word
A square that includes a paragraph-long explanation of how this word connects to The Crucible

If you were not in class today because you were in your tech program, you may complete this activity as an extra grade. Otherwise, it will not count against you. If you were absent and were supposed to be in class you will need to make up this assignment. 

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