Thursday, December 4, 2008

Steinbeck Notes and Completed Poems

It took us a while to complete the picture poems that you had started last class.  Most of you had not typed them and some of you needed to do some revisions. I am excited about some of the final products that I saw. I will post a picture of the bulletin board once you all have turned yours in to me. I've included a sample picture of what I'm looking for in your poems. (Detail, a sense of character, a sense of the time period, a sense of the hardships the characters might be facing.)

We also took some notes over John Steinbeck. He had a pretty interesting life with many accomplishments  and accolades to his credit. We are reading one of his most famous books, Of Mice and Men. We also took some notes and talked about important aspects of the 1930's, including FDR and the New Deal. 

Next class we will start our reading Of Mice and Men. We'll be reading along with the text and listening to the book on CD. Gary Sinise, who plays Lt. Dan in the movie Forest Gump, makes this book come alive in his recording of it! I absolutely love his reading so much that I use it every year. It's great stuff. 

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