Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fahrenhiet 451 Continued & Midterm Review

We started today's class with a short review of the midterm. As I told you all in class, most of the essays were on-point and did a good job of illuminating the quotations provided to you. After this, we movedon to reading the rest of the first part of Fahrenheit 451.

The end of the first section of Fahrenheit 451 is fairly dramatic. We leave off with Montag standing over a pile of twenty or so books that he's been stealing for the past year. Contrary to our former belief, Montag has been questioning his role in society for much longer than we thought.

If you were absent, you need to read to the end of section one. We will not be reading in class on Thursday, unless we finish our next Opinion Piece and the LONG discussion that it should produce!

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