Friday, January 16, 2009

Wordle Characterization Activity

For today's lesson, go to this site.


In your groups of three, choose a character: Montag, Clarisse, or Mildred. Each member of the group should have a different character, unless there are more than three in your group. Then your group can choose which character(s) you'd like to repeat. 

Brainstorm some words (non-puke) that describe or characterize your character. At least ten of your words should be taken from the text, and an additional ten should be from you. You may have more than twenty words in your final product. Make sure that your character's name in included in the wordle, and that it's typed out in all capital letters. 

Once you've typed in your words, play with the fonts, font sizes, color, and shape of your wordle to create a powerful image. 

Email your final products to me by copying and pasting the web address of your wordle in the body of an email and sending it to me. 
Make sure that you save your wordle with your character's name and your initials in the title. Please don't use your full name.
We will share our most important/ descriptive words with the group. 

We'll post some of your creations in this blog entry after class. 

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