Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Symbolism in Chapter 7

Though we only had a forty minute class today, we read quite a bit and had a pretty important discussion about symbolism in To Kill a Mockingbird. In chapter seven, we read about more items placed in the tree outside the Radley house. Scout and Jem find new items, including a ball of twine, a pocket watch, a spelling bee medal, and two figurine carved from soap. Jem and Scout feel grateful toward the person who's leaving these items for them, so they decide to leave a letter for this person in the knothole. Unfortunately, they find that the knothole has been plugged by Nathen Radley.

In our discussion, we decided that the tree symbolizes Boo Radley. We decided that the tree was used by Boo as a communication tool, and that when Nathan Radley fills the hole with cement it cuts off his last method of communicating with the world. We will have to watch to see if Boo finds another way to interact with Scout and Jem.

If you were absent, you need to read into the first part of chapter eight. We'll pick up there next class.

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