Monday, February 9, 2009

To Kill a Mockingbird: Readings and Theme

We had some in-depth and interesting discussions about a variety of issues last class. Because we spent so much time on our discussions, we failed to read as far as I'd hoped. Therefore, most of today's class was spent reading. We read to the end of chapter six.

As for our discussion this class period, much of it centered on one of the major themes in To Kill a Mockingbird. Specifically, we discussed the coexistence of good and evil in this novel. As part of our discussion, we categorized some of the characters we've met thus far as either good, evil, or as struggling with a mixture of good and evil. Here's how we classified our characters:


Walter Cunningham


Nathan Radley
Burris Ewell


Boo Radley

Next class we'll work more on our vocabulary words and (hopefully) construct a bulletin board for this unit.

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