Monday, March 9, 2009

Fahrenheit 451 Reading & Movie Notes

Important Announcements:

Quarter #3 closes in less than a month (Apr. 3rd)
Class Topic for Next Year: YA Lit and Film
Half Day Activity: Blogging (Make sure I have your lunch number so that I can create your account!)

It's has been a while since we watched the movie and read from Fahrenheit 451, so the first task of the day was to remember where we left off and what was happening with Montag in the film and in the book. In the book he had just killed Beatty using his torch. In the movie he was comforting Clarisse because she'd lost her job as a teacher.

We read to page 129 in the book. Montag is now on the run from police and firemen. He's going to visit Faber one last time and then he has no idea where he'll go. In the movie, we watched the old woman burn with all of her books. It was a dramatic scene. We also saw that Beatty and another fireman know that Montag has taken a book.

We'll continue reading next week. Friday's class will be focused on reviewing and rewriting OP #9 so that we can send letters to Dr. Cormier about the proposed four day school week.

Please see me if you were absent for today's class because there's a lot that you need to do in order to catch up!

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