Monday, March 9, 2009

Night and Poem Analysis Project

We started class today with a little SSR and a chance for me to collect your new book titles and the pages you've read. After about fifteen minutes of this, I profiled the new book of the week, which you can find a review of under Student Blogs in the links section of this blog.

We then read in Night to page seventy. In our reading, Elie becomes more and more frustrated with God and continues to wonder why others still worship God when they are in such dire circumstances. As several of you noted in our discussion, Elie seems to have abandoned faith entirely and is relying on reason to get him through every minute of every day.

After this, we read a poem entitled "Saving the Children" by Freida Singer. In this poem, the speaker describes her experiences in Auschwitz, many of which are strikingly similar to Elie's. To analyze this poem, I asked that you work either alone or in pairs to highlight similarities and differences between the speaker and Elie's stories. After you've completed this task, we'll discuss the lines and images on which you all chose to focus.

Next class we will finish our poem analysis project and continue reading Night. Next class is a half day, so we will not have as much time.

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