Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blogging and Bradbury Quotations

Even though we are half of our actual number today due to the half day, we are going to plow forward and make good use of class time. The first task we'll complete today is to create a blog account for each of you. The sophomores already have accounts and it's high time that you juniors and seniors joined the fray. I'll be collecting your lunch numbers on Monday to use as your passwords. For those of you who are not required to be in class on Wednesday, I'll have your accounts ready to go for you for the next time that we need to use them.

After you've created your account, you're going to find a quotation from Ray Bradbury online that you feel relates to Fahrenheit 451 in some way and explain that connection in the first post of your new blog site.

You can search for Bradbury's quotations using a simple google search. Make sure to copy and paste the quotation (with quotation marks) into the body of your blog entry. Your explanation of the quote should be in complete sentences and give a full, accurate explanation of how it relates to our book.

This should be an interesting, fun class. For those of you who've blogged before this will not be anything super new. For those of you who are new to blogging, it may be a bit of a challenge, but we'll work through it. I promise. It'll be okay.

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