Thursday, March 19, 2009

Turning an Opinion into an Action

Today we're going to revisit the subject and content of Opinion Piece #9. We're going to take our beliefs about the proposed four-day school week and turn them into business letters that we will send to our superintendent, Dr. Michael Cormier.

To start with, you will all be assigned groups. I've tried to assign you to a partner who holds a belief similar to yours or who I think can help develop your belief. You are NOT writing one single letter. You will each write your own; however, you may ask each other for help and guidance during this process.

Here are the steps you'll take:

1. Reread your OP #9 to refresh your memory & comments I've made to you
2. Swap OP's with your partner and read theirs silently
3. Make some suggestions/ comments to your partner using the stickies provided to you
4. Use the business letter format to turn your OP into a business letter directed to our superintendent
5. Make sure to be positive and offers SOLUTIONS to solving some of our budget issues in the last part of your letter
6. Make sure to thank the superintendent for his time (he's a VERY busy man!)
7. Save your letter to your personal documents folder located on your dock and email a copy of it to me (preferably using microsoft word)

Please work to create a thoughtful, persuasive letter. These letters are actually going to be sent to our superintendent, so make sure that you and your partner proofread your letter carefully.

Good luck!

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