Monday, March 23, 2009

Shakespeare Webquest

Before we dive into William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, you are all going to research a small facet of Shakespeare's life and times. For this webquest, you need to:

-click on your link
-choose four to six of the most important facts or ideas related to your topic
-rephrase or retype those facts into a blog post (under "student blogs" of link section)
-find a photo, drawing, or art piece related to your topic and upload it into your blog post
-make the title of your blog post the same as your topic
-write a sentence or two about one or two of the facts you've located (is this similar to today or different from today?)

Shakespeare's Biography

Shakespeare's Biography 2

Queen Elizabeth I and the Elizabethan Period

The Renaissance in Italy

The Plague

Elizabethan Sports

The Globe Theater


Elizabethan Women


Color of Clothing


Elizabethan Accents

Torture and Punishment

Special Assignment: The Shakespearean Insult

Insult Generator: Click here to be granted an intelligent insult!

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